Placement Prospects

Upon graduation, the students will become full-fledged planning professionals and can work as planners, development practitioners, and researchers in the field of planning. The graduates of planning can pursue higher studies with specialization in the field of interest. Many passed out students have been well placed in the profession. We have Training and Placement Cell which looks into the placement of students.

Welcome to the Recruitment page of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

This course aims to produce professional planners who are equipped to rise to the challenges posed today and assist communities, organizations and policymakers in addressing the present-day problems of settlements and evolve new strategies for improving the quality of life in cities and regions. The students are trained to address contemporary and emerging issues of cities and regions, through planning exercises set in varied geographical and socio-cultural locations. The emphasis of this programme is on acquiring practical skills for spatial planning through studio and lab exercises. Students are encouraged to participate in workshops, conferences and seminars and develop their capabilities as a professional, both through enhancing their professional knowledge as well as through the development of their personality.

The curriculum is designed in a semester format comprising of four semesters spread over the duration of two years with studio projects being at the core of each semester and theoretical subjects plugged in, providing the underlying backbone of knowledge. Intensive theoretical knowledge on core subjects like Project Management, Housing & Economy, Infrastructure Planning, Demography and Quantitative Methods, Planning Legislation, Urban Governance and Finance, etc. is provided to complement and supplement the studios. A range of elective subjects is also taught, for example, Transportation Planning, Special area Planning, Urban Redevelopment, Community Planning, Geo-Spatial and Big Data Analysis, etc. Studio problems would address issues of regional and urban planning in consecutive semesters respectively. Dialogue with government departments related to the planning of cities and regions is arranged during studio exercises to establish a meaningful process and to generate a purposeful product.

Training and Placements (T&P) Cell at SPA Bhopal facilitates the Training and Recruitment process.

Training Calendar

The calendar for Professional Training remains the same each year, being a part of the academic activities.

  • Professional Internship - 6 to 8 weeks (between May to July)

  • Project-4 (Industry Sponsored) - 14 to 16 weeks (during January to May)

Placement Calendar

The Placement Calendar is flexible. We endeavour to accommodate as per the Industry requirements.

  • Time Frame -

Industry members are encouraged to contact the MURP Department or T&P Cell to explore various possibilities for collaboration.

Feel free to write to Mr Vibhore Bakshi to our faculty coordinator for T&P cell, MURP at